To: Dunstable Town council

Save Dunstable Market

Save Dunstable Market

Retain Dunstable market in its current format and promote it. Actively encourage new traders and make the market visible and retain its traditional look.

Why is this important?

Dunstable is a historic market town and the charter belongs to the people not the council. We, the people wish to preserve our market and return it to the thriving trade centre it used to be. Generations of traders have kept the tradition alive and they are central to our community. This isn't about money, it is about the ethos of Dunstable as a market town. We demand that the council fulfil the will of the people and preserve the market in its current format and work to promote it and attract new traders.


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Reasons for signing

  • Dunstable is a market town, they tucked the market out of the way, now want to close our market. How can the council make decisions on people livelihood. The council are ruining our town, Leighton Buzzard are busy and so is Aylesbury why dont our council go and look and learn from them we are becoming a ghost town disgusting.
  • Have close friends who are traders at Dunstable Market and have been for many years going back to the 1970's
  • Dunstable needs regeneration and a market will be key to this. We mustn’t let anymore of Dunstable die!


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Thank you to everyone who has signed. Please keep sharing. The town belongs to the people and the council works for us! Its our market and we decide if it stays or goes.

2017-11-19 17:05:49 +0000

This is great. If you can be at the council offices tomorrow at 7 you can support the traders and get their side of the story.

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