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To: Northwest Borough Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Save Formby Clinic

Save Formby Clinic

Retain all current services at Formby Clinic.

Why is this important?

Formby is set to expand faster than it has since the 1970's due to Sefton Council's push for 1100 new homes in Formby. Despite this we have seen our health provision stretched to breaking point with the Hightown Doctors Surgery now becoming part of Formby Chapel Lane Practice.

Formby cannot afford to lose any more health care provision, losing this vital service will simply put more pressure on an already stretched service, in the face an aging population in Formby.

Metropolitan Borough of Sefton

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a shocking, short-sighted and simply bad decision. Who in Formby would not want to keep this excellent and purpose-built clinic?
  • This is a vital service for Formby residents of all ages for all our future wellbeing - losing it will create further problems as well as unecessary expenditure in the future.
  • Being disabled getting to NHS services is getting more and more difficult. Losing the clinic means making life even more difficult.


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