To: The Football Association, HM Government

Save Grassroots Sport

This campaign has ended.

Save Grassroots Sport

To impose a small levy on television rights income, with money raised being spent on improving the facilities, accessibility and sustainability of the national sporting culture. Preferably, a levy on all money spent in all of the country’s elite leagues of all sports will be pooled together to help thousands of sports clubs around the country.

Why is this important?

This campaign is important because currently, the population is getting unhealthier, sports clubs are shutting due to a lack of funding and, when sports clubs are still running, their function is hindered by poor facilities. Sports clubs across the country will have suffered this past winter due to snow, causing waterlogging and concurrent damage to pitches and playing fields. Where is the incentive for people to go out and exercise, playing a sport that they love, if the facilities hinder the enjoyment of the game? This is the crying shame facing sport in our country, that there’s billions of pounds being passed around the elite, but everyday the sport-loving public have to cope with sports clubs struggling to survive from month to month. Let’s change this!