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To: Gloucester City Council Leader - Paul James

Save Greyfriars Bowling Green

Save Greyfriars Bowling Green

We the "Friends of GreyFriars Bowling Green" are adamant that we need to protect this area.

The first step is for you to sign the petition. With enough support we can apply for the registration of the space as a community asset. This will give the community the opportunity to retain the space developing and managing a community garden space in the City Centre.

If you want to support the retention of the space and be kept informed as to progress please sign our petition.

Thank you in advance for you support,
Barry Leach and the Team at Friends of Greyfriars

Why is this important?

If you ever walked along Constitution Walk, behind the Gloucester City Museum and Library, you will have passed a mostly neglected area of public space consisting of a bowling green, redundant bowling club building and a sealed off public garden. With what appears to be a complete lack of vision the City Council is considering the sale of the space to developers, a space which has great potential to become a quiet, calming community garden right in the heart of the City Centre.

Our view is that the garden also provides space for small community events such as mini markets, art and literature events, children activities, outdoor theatre, community picnics and mini sports events.

In the past it has been used by the community to deliver numerous events: a book fair, a children’s’ summer play zone, an archaeology event featuring Phil Harding from ‘Time Team’, camp for Civil War re-enactors, a theatre and poetry day etc.


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