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Save Maldon Social Care Services

Save Maldon Social Care Services

Ensure funding is maintained for the 1,600 local residents who are set to lose their Social Care services from March 31st due to funding cuts. Some of these individuals are the most vulnerable in our local community. These people have the right to getting the care they need and it is Essex County Council's duty and responsibility to ensure they receive it.

Why is this important?

A SOCIAL care service supporting vulnerable people across Maldon and the Dengie is to be axed.

One Support, which provides social care to around 1,600 elderly and vulnerable residents with physical and mental health problems, is due to be completely removed from the Maldon and Dengie areas by March 31.

Carers visit clients at least once a week to help them manage their day-to-day life, including organising finances to helping carry out household jobs.

The programme is a subsidiary of One Housing, which helps create homes and support people to help them live better and healthier, and is jointly managed by Essex County Council and Moat Housing.

However, those who receive the support have been informed that the service will no longer be provided, as part of planned cuts of £713,000 to social care in Essex. It is understood ten staff will lose their jobs.

Maldon District

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