To: LLP Properties and North Lanarkshire Council

Save our Civic Cafe in Motherwell

Save our Civic Cafe in Motherwell

We the good people of Motherwell want you to reconsider the ridiculous outcome of raising the rents and rates you have placed upon the owners of a cafe in Motherwell which has been in our town for over 60years this cafe being The Civic Cafe within the buildings of our Civic Centre.

Why is this important?

This is important because the cafe has been part of all our childhood and a huge amount of people have happy memories of this cafe.

LLP Properties should be held accountable to explain why they are driving out our town’s local businesses and forcing the local people out of jobs which they need to support their own families too.

NLC should be doing more to help local businesses NOT helping and standing by and watching them close down.

Our home town is slowly dying due to the total greed by this company’s attitude towards its residents who are trying to make a living and serve a community.

Start to think about folks livelihoods NOT bank balances for your own self gain.

We the people of Motherwell demand that you withdraw the outrageous hike towards our town’s businesses.

We demand it NOW!


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Reasons for signing

  • Save the civic cafe, it's been there as long as I remember, get signing the petition
  • I love this wee cafe always went in with my mum for a roll n sausage when I had the doctors as a kid now I do with with my own and mum comes along too xx


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