To: Alex Neil MSP, Neil Grey MP, Phil Boswell MP and Fulton MacGregor MSP

Save our Greenbelt Stop Europark

Save our Greenbelt Stop Europark

To make representations to Orchard Brae Ltd and urge them not to progress their application to destroy the greenbelt on the Woodhall and Faskine estate

Why is this important?

We oppose ANY building on this greenbelt land.
We are trying to save our GREENBELT from an extensive plan to build 3000 LUXURY houses, shopping centre, cinema, office units and commercial units.
The area in question is an area of immense beauty and has been untouched for generations - wildlife and countless plants, animals and insects live here, as well as providing peace and serenity for hundreds of local people.
3000 New luxury Home will decimate this land, cause extreme traffic problems and pollute the environment.The air around this area is already above the accepted level of pollution
We would ask our representatives to contact the developer and urge them to focus on investing in developing the brown field sites and land designated for building in Airdrie
This Proposed development will affect you if you live in Carnbroe, Sikeside, Cairnhill, Brownsburn, Gartlea, Calderbank and Chapelhall
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stop the europark development

Calderbank, Airdrie

Reasons for signing

  • Our wildlife need safe protected habitats. Every year wildlife are being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. We CANNOT afford for this to go on.
  • Land reform is urgently needed to protect our green fields being sold so readily for development.j
  • Whether built or archaeological context, or scenery, described in many books; decisions to develop on this land would be against planning guidance, & Dev. Plan. N. Lan. dist. has already lost much of its archaeology/landscape heritage to vast areas of poorly designed developments; doing so again would further undermine precious resources used by many walkers, photographers, historians, etc. Green Network harm to woodland fragments is unacceptable.


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This Video made by James Marshall shows the size of the proposed development
We must let everyone know the scale of this

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