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To: National Express Dundee & Dundee City Council

Save Our Number 36 Bus Service

Save Our Number 36 Bus Service

National Express Dundee is proposing to cut the number 36 bus service route that connects Claverhouse, Mill O' Mains, Linlathen and Mid Craigie with the city centre. . Only a handful of journeys will remain after the change. The last morning bus towards the city centre will leave Claverhouse at 0655 and there will be a single city centre afternoon departure at 1720. There will be no journeys between these times. The Service reductions will take effect on 20 October 2014. .

We object to this short-sighted and potentially damaging plan that could severely restrict people's travel opportunities. We call on the council to review its plans and find ways to maintain a usable bus service for the people of Claverhouse, Mill O' Mains, Linlathen and Mid Craigie with the city centre.

Why is this important?

The proposed cuts to bus services would severely restrict people's ability for travel:
• to and from work
• visiting friends and relatives
• To access education and training
• access to hospitals, doctors, dentists and other medical services
• access to leisure activities including town and countryside locations

Fewer buses will mean more traffic congestion and delays which affects all of us.


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Reasons for signing

  • I need this bus.
  • I need this bus to get to and from my work
  • I need this bus for my volunteering


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Have added Dundee city council as asked for by the people, the door to door petition has Dundee city council on it as well as national express Dundee on it.

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