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To: North Wales Police Chief Inspector Gareth Jones. Arfon Hughes NRW/CCW Natural Resources Wales. AONB Rhun Jones Denbighshire CC Countryside Officer

Save Our Paths - Wales

Enforce the law to stop the constant illegal abuse of private land and also common countryside paths and tracks.
Stop trespass by illegal, abusive and aggressive 4x4 and off road trail bike riders.

Why is this important?

This is across the UK, but our campaign is aimed at Wales.
If we group together and help each other, we can have a greater influence, so please support our local campaign and if we can help with yours please do get in touch.

Fences are cut and pulled up, gates are left open, animals are let loose, paths and tracks are left impassable, knee high in mud, quagmires, paths rutted and washed away because the surface has been loosened by the heavy and constant abuse of vehicles; A constant stream of vehicles, where once there was peace with only the odd farmer off to check on his livestock, or person walking their dog, or just out with the family.
People of all ages are intimidated while trying to stop trespass on their own land, surrounded by circling motor bikes or vulgar shouts from abusive 4 x 4 owners.
SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) are also being abused, where is the support from the Countryside Council for Wales to enforce the protection of their Sites?
Police are too slow to turn up and provide little support to stop these law breakers.
What is the point in passing the trespass law or designate SSSI sites, if there are no Councillors, Countryside Council or Police representatives who will help enforce legislation.
This is across the Wales, so if we group together and help each other we can have a greater influence, so please support our local campaign and if we can help with yours please do get in touch. Currently our group is in the Llangollen / Denbighshire / Wrexham area and we desperately need your support to lobby the Local Council , Countryside Council and Police to help us in our campaign .
We have a Facebook page, please join / like it and also sign the campaign.

How it will be delivered

email and by hand

Wrexham, Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales

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