To: Scottish Borders Council

Save Scottish Borders School Libraries!

Save Scottish Borders School Libraries!

Scrap plans that will see school librarians replaced by S6 pupils.

Why is this important?

School Librarians are a critical part of any school’s professional staff. Their skills are needed now more than ever. With vast online resources there is no shortage of sources of information. However, the more important skill is now understanding and evaluating these sources. Pupils need to learn how to sort out fact from fake.

This decision will prevent pupils from reaching their full potential. Librarians have professional skills that support children of all abilities to learn. Replacing essential staff with the unpaid labour of pupils is an absolute disgrace. Scottish Borders Council should hang their heads in shame.

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Pressure grows on education officials over school library plans

Scottish Borders Council slammed for using pupils as library staff says it will teach them leadership

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Reasons for signing

  • School Libraries & Librarians are a vital part of the curriculum. They are highly trained individuals, who ensure that pupils & staff have the necessary resources for the courses taught.They teach Information Skills which allow pupils to think for, and find information out for themselves, making them 'Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens', four of the main attributes of the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • School Librarians do far more than just "look after books" - they encourage reading for pleasure, teach information literacy skills (essential for pupils in this increasingly digital landscape), run book groups, organise author events and other school wide literacy events, they offer a safe space for pupils to engage their curiosity. How on earth to SBC expect S6 pupils to fulfill this role? It is exploitative and unfair and will lead to a further widening of the attainment gap.
  • Because school librarians in high schools are not a luxury, they play a central role in helping young people become independent learners in this information overloaded world. They are also pretty good and recommending great books to read.


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Pressure grows on education officials over school library plans

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