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To: Scottish Borders Council

Save Scottish Borders School Libraries!

Save Scottish Borders School Libraries!

Scrap plans that will see school librarians replaced by S6 pupils.

Why is this important?

School Librarians are a critical part of any school’s professional staff. Their skills are needed now more than ever. With vast online resources there is no shortage of sources of information. However, the more important skill is now understanding and evaluating these sources. Pupils need to learn how to sort out fact from fake.

This decision will prevent pupils from reaching their full potential. Librarians have professional skills that support children of all abilities to learn. Replacing essential staff with the unpaid labour of pupils is an absolute disgrace. Scottish Borders Council should hang their heads in shame.

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How it will be delivered

Printed out and delivered in person to the Leader of Scottish Borders Council

Scottish Borders

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Reasons for signing

  • I went to Peebles HS and the when I was there was the best resource available to me. Not only in terms of helping me build research skills for later life/education, but she always had a good recommendation for me personally. Some of the best books I've read were her recommendations. Children and teens need someone knowledgeable about the library to help build skills and encourage a wide range of reading.
  • Our students need the support of professional staff in order to get the most from their library ... and in some cases to feel safe in that space. Without this, libraries could end up being closed to pupils
  • I was a Learning Support teacher and know the value of school libraries first hand. Closure is also discriminating against those children who do not/cannot have access to the internet at home (because of other effects of austerity policies amongst other reasons).


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Pressure grows on education officials over school library plans

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