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To: Councillor Tony Ashton, Leader of High Peak Borough Council

Save Serpentine Community Farm, High Peak

We Won! The Council have withdrawn their plans for sell off, and given us a lease whilst we discuss the long-term future

Save Serpentine Community Farm, High Peak

We ask that you grant a long-term lease allowing Serpentine Community Farm to survive and thrive in its current site in Serpentine Walks, Buxton.

Why is this important?

Over the last three years, volunteers have brought a disused and derelict Council plant nursery in the heart of Buxton back to life. We have grand designs for its future. We already demonstrate good horticultural practice, develop skills and confidence, offer a therapeutic setting for people of all ages and abilities, grow produce, provide education and training, and organise events accessible for all.

We can do more. With a secure footing - a long-term lease on the current site and original stone-built workshops and stores - Serpentine Community Farm could extend its activities, enriching individual and community life. Instead, a plan formulated by the High Peak Borough Council Executive Team to raise cash from residential development of the site jeopardises all the work and effort of the volunteers.

We urge High Peak Borough Council to safeguard, support and save Serpentine Community Farm.

Burlington Road, Buxton

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Reasons for signing

  • I grew up in Buxton and have very fond memories of the Serpentine Walk and neighbouring Pavilion Gardens. I had a summer job weeding them both when I was 15! This is a worthy effort and I wish it all success.
  • This is a community initiative - everyone benefits!
  • This is not a good place for housing due to the access. The farm is an excellent community project; with security of tenure it has the potential to improve the quality of life of a great many people of all ages for many years to come. We should be proud of it.


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