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To: Fusion at New Chiswick Pool

Save St Luke’s Swim Academy

Save St Luke’s Swim Academy

Give St Luke’s Swim Academy back their pool space so they can continue training the many children they have in their squad.

Why is this important?

St Luke’s Swim Academy is a fully inclusive, non competitive swim academy that gives children aged 7-14yrs the chance to train with a squad, these children may not have the time, funds or ability to train with larger competitive clubs. At St Luke’s they can learn race techniques and build on their stamina while keeping fit and making friends.
St Luke’s also provides training, support and employment for young people who have chosen swim coaching as a career.

Chiswick, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Luke is a great coach and his type of club deserves a place in the community. My 3 kids enjoyed their time with the club and it would be a shame to see in closed.
  • Swimming clubs like Luke’s are valuable to keep non-competitive children engaged in healthy living. The style of teaching suited my children perfectly.
  • Please help by signing. Read the description....


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