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To: South Lanarkshire Council


- Complete Blantyre skatepark's vital renovation as planned.

- Immediately ensure any temporary repairs are made safe and secure.

- Provide much needed funds to maintain the skatepark for our community.

Why is this important?

Blantyre Skatepark Community is looking to raise awareness for the work needed to maintain our public Skatepark in Blantyre. Due to lack of funds from South Lanarkshire Council within our skatepark, we are not seeing the necessary repairs being completed by our local authority. Our Skatepark is used by many of all ages from around Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Skateboarders, Bmx, Scootering and Roller Blading are all accommodated for at The Blantyre Skatepark. We hope we can improve the standards of Skatepark by petitioning South Lanarkshire Council and also apply to charities for help. We will be working alongside other community groups within Blantyre with the hope we can raise enough awareness to have the necessary work completed.

The Blantyre skatepark provide a physical activity for kids not interested in traditional team sports. Community skateparks provide a safe and challenging place for skaters of all levels to develop as athletes. ... Public skateparks provide healthy activity for kids and helps eliminate boredom.


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