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To: Glasgow City Council

Save the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace

Save the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace

Remove the threat of sale from the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace, and designate the site as a protected Green Space for the recreational use for the people of Glasgow.

Why is this important?

Unfortunately, despite having a temporary reprieve in January this year, the Greenspace is once again under threat. Glasgow City Council have been again been approached with a proposal to have the land declared surplus and sold for development of flats. Our councillors have been asked to comment on this proposal. The likely outcome of this part of the process is unclear. The more signatures we have on the petition, the stronger the case against that proposal will be, and the more pressure we can place on the City Council to listen to the community, and save the Greenspace for the third, and hopefully final, time.

Our much-loved green space on Broomhill Avenue is under threat again - this is a vital green space for families, walkers and dog-walkers to enjoy in the area. If this space goes to be replaced by more housing, this could lead to many families leaving the area in search of accessible green space. (

Right now, Glasgow City Council are in negotiations with a developer which could lead to flats being built on our sole green space in the area. Shouldn't Glasgow City Council be preserving this space to help promote physical activity in local communities and be on ongoing legacy from the Commonwealth Games?

This is especially sad as in 2008, Glasgow City Council (GCC) promised us that the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace would "be excluded from any future development packages", and assured us that there was no need to officially protect the site as it would be protected under the councils own rules and guidance on open spaces. GCC themselves list the site as part of the "green corridor" which is intended to provide areas for protection of wildlife, which begs the question of why the negotiations over a sale are taking place at all?

Although this area is not an official park, it is tended and maintained by local residents and the trees, wildlife and open space are an important part of the community. The space is cared for - residents and children in the community have been working on the site and planted hundreds of flower bulbs, cleaned up rubbish and prepared bird and bat boxes to provide homes for wildlife, with more planting planned coming. All of this hard work is at risk, if the proposed sale goes ahead.

We need as many people as possible to hold Glasgow City Council to their promise. Please sign and share our petition to help us protect the site and save a small, but important local resource for the benefit of the residents, wildlife, children and dog walkers who value and appreciate this area.

Thank you for your support.


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Reasons for signing

  • As someone who grew up before the smartphone age, I was used to being able to play in local parkland in the West End, and given the obesity problems in Scotland, this kind of parkland is far too important to being part of the jigsaw of preventing obesity as well as depriving future generations of wonderful memories from using the space. There is far too much brown field land is Glasgow still needing developed to begin eating into this precious space.
  • It's important to have green space in cities to encourage wildlife, somewhere for children to play and also for adults to sit and relax. Reduces stress and depression.
  • I played here as a child and have very fond memories of it. Glasgow doesn't need more flats lining the pockets of developers; this "dear green place" needs to remain as such


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