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To: Jeremy Hunt

Save the Horton Hospital (Banbury, Oxfordshire)

Investigate the failures of the board of the Oxford university hospital NHS foundation trust to recruit medical staff in a timely manner that would prevent the closure of critical services at the Horton hospital, and report back locally

Why is this important?

The board of the Oxford university hospital NHS foundation trust maintain that their impending downgrading of the maternity unit at the Horton Hospital, Banbury is due to no suitable doctors being available, news has also been released that two trauma doctors have resigned their posts.

An investigation of the advertised posts in the trust show no indication of these posts being available.

Downgrading of services at this local district general hospital, without any upgrading of services in the area's ambulance trust or the 'main' hospital in Oxford will inevitably mean sick / injured people being transported in unsuitable conditions for 30+ miles through some of the most congested roads in southern England to a hospital that will be overstretched trying to deal with a workload it was never designed for.

This situation was totally avoidable and is no indication of a civilised country in the 21st century, those responsible should be bought to account

Banbury, Oxfordshire

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