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To: South Holland District Council

Save the Red Lion Public House - Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

Save the Red Lion Public House - Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire

List the site as an Asset of Community Value.
Refuse Planning Permission for Change of Use to a private dwelling.
Refuse Listed Building Consent for alterations and part demolition.

Why is this important?

The Red Lion Public House dates back to the 17th Century, and is an important historic Grade II Listed building, and an irreplaceable feature of the village of Gedney Hill in rural Lincolnshire.

In the past it has been a thriving business at the centre of the community, but in recent years neglect, mismanagement and underinvestment on the part of the owner has led to it's decline and closure.

The building has now been sold to an individual who intends to convert the site into a house, and demolish part of the porch structure on the front of the oldest part of the listed building.

This is now the only public house remaining in this area, and many local people believe that under the right ownership it could again be a popular venue and a successful and sustainable business.

Please help to ensure the future of this vital hub of local village life by signing the petition.

Gedney Hill, South Holland District

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