To: Westminster Council

Save The Salt House Abbey Rd!

Save The Salt House Abbey Rd!

Please don't allow change of use of The Salt House, a beautiful local pub on the famous Abbey rd.

Why is this important?

The Salt House has been a public house since 1872 and has now been sold to property developers who wish to turn it into luxury flats and offices.This is such a sadly familiar story in London. We have to stop developers tearing apart what gives London it's pulse and character.

The Salt House is one of the few remaining local pubs in the area and has many long term regulars who love it dearly. It is also home for the key staff members and their family who live above it and a secure job for many more.
It would be a travesty if this beautiful Victorian pub was granted change of use and disappeared after over a century and a half.

Abbey Road, London NW8 0AE

Reasons for signing

  • Its a shame quality of life comes to nil
  • Our local pub
  • Because it's a fantastic pub with great food and great people. A great place to meet friends too.


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UPDATE: Sadly, the pub will now close on the 24th December. The developers have not been in touch and refused to comment to Ham & High on their plans for the pub. They clearly have no intention of keeping any current staff on or continuing the pub as it is. We have been given the impression, however, that they will convert most of the building into luxury flats, perhaps keeping a very small section at the front as a pub or bar, which is often the thin wedge of permanent closure of a pub once the flats above are sold.
Karen Buck and the St Johns Wood Society are working with us to do what we can to stop this happening. As of 4th Dec they have not yet applied for planning permission, you can keep an eye on it and object as soon as they do here:

Thanks for all your support so far.

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