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To: The Sandwell Local Authority

Save the Sandwell Sports Development Team and athletic competitions

Please do not cut funding to The Sandwell Leisure Trust, making the whole of the Sandwell Sports Development team redundant. Their role is vital, particularly in the development of indoor and outdoor athletics, from grass roots to international level.

Why is this important?

If you have any interest in athletics at all, or just in the development of sport in general - please take time to read. The facts are amazing.

This is the most successful athletics programme in the country. It has won five National awards, three governing body awards, it has a 100% attendance to the summer programme and the most successful indoor athletics league in the country.

This programme has enabled thousands of young people, no matter what their ability, to participate and compete in an atmosphere of excitement, challenge, fun and fulfilment, alongside 100s of volunteers many of whom were former competitors and GCSE or A level students, who gained valuable leadership skills and qualifications. Several internationals began their career in these programmes. Many many other, high level county and club athletes also started their careers in these programmes.

Leader, Howard Court, took up his role after his England athletics role 13 years ago. His wife, Clova Court, is a former Great Britain International Heptathlete. She has supported him and his team in doing an amazing job in developing athletics in the Sandwell Area. There are many other current and past international athletes who are great role models and have contributed or still contribute to the development of sport in Sandwell.



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