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To: Joe Swindells, Senior Development Manager, Ballymore Properties and Alastair Dewar, Surveyor, Colliers International

Save The Town Wharf Trees in Brentford

Please stop and reconsider cutting down all the trees on Town Wharf THIS WEDNESDAY (27th May) thereby destroying our gardens and damaging the local wildlife habitat.

Why is this important?

THIS WEDNESDAY developer Ballymore intends to chop down all the trees on Town Wharf – part of a big programme of tree removal on the South side of Brentford High Street in preparation for future development.

Town Wharf is a small historic harbour formed by a loop in the River Brent. It is home to seventeen people living on boats, over 23 species of birds (including kingfishers) and has a thriving population of extremely rare two-lipped doorsnails that are only found on this stretch of the River Thames (see

Chopping down the trees will destroy the beautiful communal gardens that residents have created over the past decade. It will disrupt birds at the height of the nesting season and damage the habitat of the two-lipped doorsnails who climb the trees to feed off algae on bark and leaves.

We strongly challenge the necessity of removing the trees at this point in Ballymore’s Brentford development – years before the developers will be ready to plant replacement trees or create new wetland habitats.
London, Brentford

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2015-05-26 15:34:51 +0100

OUR TREES WON'T BE CHOPPED DOWN TOMORROW! Joe Swindells at Ballymore has put the work on hold and is willing to meet with us and discuss whether it is immediately necessary to remove the trees from the development sites.

We'll keep you updated, please continue to input your thoughts and thank you all very much for your keen support.

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