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To: Lewes DC and East Sussex CC

Save the Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay

Save the Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay

Prevent the destruction of the Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay by refusing inappropriate development and dirty, low value, low tech, environmentally and ecologically unfriendly industries such as ready mixed concrete and concrete block making.
Preserve the Western End of Seaford Bay and Tide Mills by maintaining and enhancing the unspoilt coast line.

Why is this important?

The Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay is under threat from East Sussex CC plans to build a road and bridge over the railway and creek and onto Tide Mills using public tax payers money. This road and bridge will be for the sole benefit of private commercial interest, namely the French owned Newhaven Harbour and any associated companies. There are proposals to create a ready mixed concrete works and a concrete block making plant.

The associated lorry and transport movements such a road and bridge and industrialisation of the Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay will create traffic noise, traffic pollution and cause additional traffic congestion problems on our already inadequate road system.

These plans and proposals will destroy the Western End of Tide Mills and Seaford Bay including the East Arm and alter the Western End of Seaford Bay not only from the visual perspective but environmentally and ecologically with far reaching consequences for both wild life and plant life. Once lost, this unspoilt coast line will be gone for ever.

There is the public health issue associated with proposing such activities so close to the residential areas of Newhaven and also given the prevailing south westerly winds, any dust and pollution will be blown directly to Seaford.

Seaford Bay

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Reasons for signing

  • In order to preserve nature and the only sandy beach we can use here.
  • This is completely unnecessary as the area has enough industrial units. What it needs is to attract large companies to come here. If the various councils really want to spend their money, give us a swimming and sports complex, and a cinema. These will generate employment, income and have health benefits. Chris
  • Object to increased pollution from industry and goods vehicles which the prevailing winds will blow over Seaford. Also loss of open space and habitats.


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