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To: Islington Council



Do not allow planning application numbers P2016/4661/LBC and P2016/4585/FUL to go ahead. The deadline for objections to Islington Council is 5 January 2017.

Why is this important?

This has been a family run pub for 17 years. If these applications are allowed to pass, the landlord, a 68 year old man will be made homeless and the building will be redeveloped. Jonathon and Oz will no longer be running The White Bear.

The end result is to re-open the pub after the refurbishments have been completed as a much smaller venue (lowered ceiling, reduced floor space) with no kitchen and no function room. This will mean no more home-cooked traditional food, no parties etc and with the rents this property company demand this will not be a sustainable business for anyone.

They wish to make changes to the front of the listed building as well as redevelop the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors into self-contained flats. This will not be affordable housing for the residents of Islington, this will be yet more flats that local residents cannot afford to live in.

We believe that, as a local community of residents and businesses, we need to pull together and fight for our local pub and stop allowing the 'big-cats' to force local residents out of areas that have been their homes their whole lives.

This is important, not just for The White Bear, but for all of us.

How it will be delivered

By email and/or by hand

The White Bear, Saint John Street, London

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