To: East Herts District Council

Save wildlife habitat and trees in Thorley

Save wildlife habitat and trees in Thorley

Stop the removal of trees and vegetation providing habitat for nature in the Thorley Wedge area.

Why is this important?

In the last 2 years over 200 hundred mature and semi mature trees have been cut down and mashed by East Herts District Council, additionally hedges and undergrowth have been removed even during bird breading season and prior to hibernation times.
Today I have discovered that yet more extensive sections of habitat and trees are being removed and the reason given by the contractor is to prevent drug dealing/taking activities under the cover which this habitat provides. The habitat is home to all forms of local wildlife including flocking birds, bats, insects and small mammals.
In addition to habitat for wildlife the trees and shrub lines provide privacy for homes and shelter pedestrians from rain and wind in the colder months while providing shade in the summer and generally make this area a more pleasant place to live.
To lose habitat because we are ineffective in the fight against drugs is unacceptable. There must be another solution to this issue that does not mean destroying the environment or the aesthetic value it provides.
Please sign this petition to help us make EHDC understand that we value our trees and hedges and want to keep this habitat safe from needless destruction.

Bishop's Stortford

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Reasons for signing

  • The trees have already gone from new path, and the bird life is struggling. Don't let this continue.


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