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To: Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

Save Wirral's Library Service

Save Wirral's Library Service

We call upon the Leader and the Chief Executive of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council to maintain a viable library service, staffed by suitably qualified employees for all the people of the Wirral.

Why is this important?

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council is attempting to save money by drastically cutting the staffing levels of its library service to the point where we question whether it is in danger of breaching its obligations under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.
It is proposing to reduce the opening hours of libraries at a time when it is also requiring Wirral residents to communicate with the authority digitally via the internet.
Residents who cannot afford broadband must rely on computers in their local libraries. The people who are trained to help them are the very librarians whose jobs are under threat.
These proposed cuts will disproportionally affect the poorer people of the borough and also young people who use libraries for research and as a safe,supportive and quiet place for completing.homework and projects.
At a time when the NHS is flagging up that the underlying cause of many illnesses is isolation and loneliness, our Local Authority is planning to restrict access to a valuable service which provides community cohesion and support to thousands of the most vulnerable people in our borough.

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

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Reasons for signing

  • I love books and libraries, and it would be a shame to see them close, and with them, a wide range of easily accessible books for everyone to see!
  • Sign now we want to learn
  • Libraries are IMPORTANT. Kids learn in libraries!


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