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To: Calderdale Councillor for Brighouse Scott Lloyd Benton

Say no to parking charges in Brighouse

Say no to parking charges in Brighouse

Remove the parking meters that will kill Brighouse town centre shops.

Why is this important?

Over the years Calderdale has allowed many large retail outlets in Brighouse, Tesco, Salisbury's, Lidl, Boyes, B&M, Pets at Home M & Co and Wilkinson's in such a small town, the Business rates Calderdale will receive from these will be massive, only M & Co charge for parking to visit them, this with online shopping is making it harder for shops to stay open in Brighouse, hence so many charity shops that don't pay rates. Unless we want a town centre that is boarded up because shops cant make a living we all need to sign this petition, we have signed many partitions before to stop parking charges in Brighouse, WE NEED TO DO IT AGAIN.
If Halifax can spend £20,000,000+? on the peace hall, who knows what Westgate arcade and the library cost (there not telling) to attract people to Halifax , Im sure we can have free parking to attract people to Brighouse.

How it will be delivered

Stage a press conference outside Brighouse town hall, where decisions used to be made that benefited Brighouse.


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Reasons for signing

  • I would like to keep our town centre shops


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