To: Ynys Mon Council, North Wales Council, UK Government

Say No to Wylfa B

Say No to Wylfa B

Stop Horizon building a new nuclear power station at Wylfa on Anglesey

Why is this important?

The nuclear option for electricity is dirty and dangerous.
On Anglesey lets focus on renewable to generate more jobs and a sustainable future without the risk to the locality and the planet, with no radioactive waste.
Talk to the people of Trawsfynydd, they thought it was safe now look at all the families devastated by cancer, a radioactive lake and an eyesore there for a thousand years.

National and North Wales

Reasons for signing

  • Nuclear power is not cheap, not clean and not efficient.
  • Renewables are the only answer, like that proposed tidal barrage across the Bay at Colwyn. Radioactivity means DEATH for generations to come.
  • Need to invest in renewables, we've only got one planet and we are being shortsighted beyond belief in not tackling this issue now for the long term future of our specie and planet


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