To: Peter dowd mp bootle, other Merseyside mps

Schools in Merseyside are being affected by their budgets right now!

Schools in Merseyside are being affected by their budgets right now!

Our education system is under a crisis right now from the new grading system being confusing for teachers to our schools being underfunded. Students are being afected by poor funding everyday and schools are at breaking point so I need you, MP’s to raise this issue within our local area and to the government how we need more funding in our schools!

Why is this important?

As a student in bootle I can see how our schools our being affected everyday and they are having to make hard decisions to cut things from our school to save money. For example, my school has had to get rid of a reward system recently due to the high cost and the money needing to be spent elsewhere. Therefore this will have a bad affect on students behaviour,causing disruption and not helping within the community either. As well as this I have saw my school cut the numbers of teachers such as 3 geography teachers to 2 even though it gained popularity as a chosen option. Finally, not only teachers are being sacked but subjects are having to be lossed such as food technology, this means students who want a career path towards things like cooking will be made harder as getting onto further courses might require this gcse. This needs to be adressed how our young people are being hindered by money and can not do the career they want to enjoy in the future due to cuts needing to be spent in main subjects which are also struggling.


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