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To: Staffordshire County Council

Scrap the Staffordshire Tipping Tax

Scrap the Staffordshire Tipping Tax

We demand that Staffordshire County Council withdraw the tipping charges introduced on 1st November 2016.

Why is this important?

The County Council has a legal duty to provide waste disposal free of charge for waste created in the household and through this delegated decision the Conservative leadership is ignoring its legal responsibility to the communities of Staffordshire.
The Council should use its discretion to charge directed to business traders and identify these specifically to charge for waste generated from their commercial activities.
These new charges have been hidden in County Council paperwork from two years ago and did not receive any meaningful public scrutiny. Further the Council took felt sufficiently concerned about their legal position that they obtained specific advice and concluded that “consultation….is not necessary.”
The County Council has a duty to consider the impact of any decisions a cabinet member takes and of particular note is that they acknowledge that the charges will have a detrimental effect on the most vulnerable in our community stating clearly the “…greatest impact on low income households.” They have pressed ahead regardless with this discriminatory practice. Secondly, the Council acknowledge that there could be “a small increase” in fly-tipping. We think they have underestimated the increase in fly-tipping which is costly to clean up for the District Council.
The Council think that people won’t be tempted to put soil, hardcore and plasterboard in their own bins. We think residents are likely to try and avoid these charges and this will mean less recycling.
The Council do not care that they anticipate “some complaints” in the short term because they believe the issue will blow over and we, the residents of Staffordshire, will continue to accept their ill-considered and flawed decision making to the detriment of communities.
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Reasons for signing

  • Because when I pay Council Tax, I expect these costs to be factored in already and not just unfairly sprung on us.
  • Hate fly tipping.
  • Too much fly tipping going on. If it were free there would be no, or very little, fly tipping


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