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To: East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

Slow Down Malling

Slow Down Malling

We want East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership to enforce the 30mph speed limit on Malling Street (A26) in Lewes - between the Cuilfail tunnel and Earwig Corner.

Why is this important?

After many requests and dogged persistence, East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Transport Monitoring team conducted a speed survey on Malling Street/Malling Hill in April. The results were shocking.

The data tells us that:
• an average of 24,000 vehicles pass by our houses on Malling Street every single day
• one third of them are breaking the 30 mph speed limit – 8,000
• over 2,000 of them are going over 36 mph – every single day!

We do not believe that we should wait until there is a fatality or serious injury before ESCC put up speed signs, paint road markings indicating the speed limit or – ideally – install a speed camera.

We are fed up with the speed of traffic down our street, Malling Street, and Malling Hill, particularly the big HGVs who either don’t know or don’t care about the 30mph speed limit.

We are also tired of East Sussex County Council and others taking little action regarding our concerns and requests for speed enforcement.

We want:
• to create a better environment for all road and pavement users in our area.
• less fast and heavy traffic which is dangerous and creates pollution.
• all drivers to treat local residents with respect by sticking to the speed limit.

Malling Street, Lewes BN7 2RB

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