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To: East Renfrewshire Council

St Marks Traffic Options Petition (STOP)

St Marks Traffic Options Petition (STOP)

We are asking East Renfrewshire Council to evaluate the derelict site of the Arthurlie Family Centre with a view to creating a safe drop off/pick up zone for the children of St Marks Primary School in Barrhead. Additional parking for teachers and visitors to the school should also be explored.

Why is this important?

The safety of our children and families is at the forefront of this petition. Providing an off road drop off zone will provide children with a safe passage to School. It will alleviate the current pressure on the surrounding streets, which currently results in dangerous parking and frustration for parents, drivers and local residents.

East Renfrewshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Would be great to provide a safer area around st marks for all pupils parents and staff.
  • It a joke Park where the next available safe place is and walk around and collect you're child/children! Absolute laziness people should know by now where and where not to park or even how to drive.
  • All children have a right to be safe around their school !


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