To: Charles Horton - CEO

Stop 3.6% Increase on Southern Rail Fares in 2018

Stop 3.6% Increase on Southern Rail Fares in 2018

This petition is to stop the ridiculous 3.6% increase of train fares on Southern Rail.

Why is this important?

For the past 2 years Southern Rail commuters have had to endure a horrendous train service with endless strikes, cancellations and train shortages.

There have been people leaving their jobs, moving home and missing out on time with their family and loved ones and all because of the incompetency of the service and the people running it.

Why should we now have to pay even more? There should be a significant reduction in the price to go some way towards compensating commuters for the misery they have faced and are still facing with no end in sight.

Reasons for signing

  • Like thousands of others I am sick of paying an extortionate price for an unreliable service.
  • Should have reduced fares, service still very poor
  • Because this company was the a pain in my side for years.


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