To: The Highways Agency

Stop A6 carnage in North Bedfordshire

Stop A6 carnage in North Bedfordshire

Introduce traffic-slowing measures (roundabouts, traffic lights, speed cameras) between the stretch of the A6 in North Bedfordshire that runs from the junction with Templars Way (MK44 1PZ) to Biogen Westwood (NN10 0SQ). As part of these measures, remove the dangerously short stretch of dual carriageway (the shortest in the country) that begins at the junction with Templars Way.

Why is this important?

There have been two major accidents on this stretch of the A6 in the past few weeks - so severe that air ambulances were required. Drivers routinely speed on this narrow stretch of road, a hazard which is exacerbated suicidally by their tendency to use the right-hand turning reservation into Park Lane (MK44 1LX) for overtaking, and the almost total lack of visibility from the Templars Way junction (MK44 1PZ) leftward, owing to vegetation and crash barriers, when trying to cross the dual carriageway to turn right.

In addition, supercar events and similar gatherings at the Sharnbrook Hotel regularly result, despite the hotel's best efforts in putting up warning signage and safety tape, in fast cars using this stretch of the A6 (as well as surrounding residential roads) as their personal racetrack.

There *will* be death on this stretch of road if the relevant agency does not act decisively to slow the traffic down and to ensure that those who persist in driving irresponsibly are systematically caught, fined, and, if necessary, banned.

North Bedfordshire (Sharnbrook, Souldrop, Rushden)

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Reasons for signing

  • How many accidents do there need to be?
  • I care !, deeply !...
  • I have seen so many accidents to the point of when a air ambulance was needed and the A6 was closed. I turn out of Templars was onto A6 Bedford way every day, I have a 11 and 4 year old in the car and I on a daily basis get beeped at or get hand gestures at. GOING RIGHT OUT OF TEMPLARS WAY TOWARDS BEDFORD, LOOKING LEFT, YOU CANNOT SEE THE CARS COMING AS ITS A HIDDEN BEND/HILL!!!! THE CARS NEED TO SLOW RIGHT DOWN TO 40MPH!


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Many thanks to Oliver for pointing out that this stretch of the A6 featured on the Traffic Cops programme a few years back with a nasty accident at the garage. So it has 'form" - and the police know it. Why is the Highways Agency not listening to them?

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