Dear Local Councillors,
We are applying for an injunction to stop all fracking taking place in the North of England.

You will be aware that fracking fluid has contaminated aquifers in a number of places, including Wyoming, and Grande Praire, and the potential damage to peoples lives, and the environment is very real.

We have a number of key questions which we would like an immediate answer too:-
1) By what authority have you granted permission to Cuadrilla to proceed?
2) Have you completed a Due Diligence report? If so we would like a copy.
3) If you have not done a Due Diligence report we wish to know why.
4) A copy of the full risk assessment.

As you are aware you must act in strict accordance with the law, and as such a government has a duty of care to its citizens and therefore you are obligated to act with due diligence.

We have a team steeped in the law and they are ready to proceed and know how to bring private criminal prosecutions against those individuals responsible for the decision making and fully account for their actions in allowing this nightmare to unfold.

We want all fracking to stop in the North of England. This will be a representative action (class action) of immense proportions. It begins with receiving answers to our above questions.

On Behalf of Frack Free Fylde

Why is this important?

Fracking is damaging to the environment, water table, animals, and people's lives . It is motivated by profits and greed. It is not green energy at all, and all the gas received from fracking is not for the UK market. As part of the EU it will be put up for sale to the highest bidder.
Blackpool and the Fylde coast experienced 2 earth quakes following test drilling. Peoples homes that suffered cracks or subsidence are not covered by home insurance as this is considered an "act of god"
Horses in the Rochdale area were found dead in their field following nearby test drilling. Cause of death is thought to be either gases from the earth or water.
In other parts of the world where they are fracking reports from people of rashes on skin, and blisters from water have been reported.
It is the unknown we are dealing with, the environmental impact upon nature and wildlife as well as ourselves. Not enough research has been done in the effects or long term effects of fracking . We are not to be tested upon.

Reasons for signing

  • We are now living with unprecedented levels of global pollution which is causing at the worst death, and at the best disease and degradation. We just don't need anymore pollution and make no mistake that is just what fracking does from start to finish
  • Fracking is a short term environmentally dangerous technology
  • Because Fracking is wrong and damaging to our earth


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Test Drilling has already begun in Salford, Manchester & Barton Moss Manchester. .. it is only a matter of time before it gets to where you live. Horizontal fracking is the latest horror. see for more information. Thank you for your support. Gillian

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