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To: Asda

Stop Asda from penalising the Disabled

Stop Asda from penalising the Disabled

Asda have introduced new car-parking rules in which disabled drivers are exempt from time-limit but only if they queue up & disclose their disability (a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010) publicly to the 'Customer Care' desk and have their disabled status recorded in a database.

If a disabled person does not do this and exceeds 3 hrs parking they will be issued a fine. The documentation they receive allow them to appeal on the grounds of having a blue badge but the appeal is turned down if they didn't re-register with the store.

To add insult to injury the guidelines that advice that additional parking time is permitted to disabled customers is advertised in the car park but at many stores these signs are displayed in the general parking areas and not by disabled bays with very small print.

I petition Asda to stop this sharp practice designed to fine the disabled, to treat their disabled customers with dignity. Help disabled customers to save more, live better.

Why is this important?

Disabled customers should not have to justify their disability to bored customer care staff in a supermarket. Having to produce proof of a disability (as the blue badge will have been left on display in their vehicle) is undignified and demeaning. Having to divulge sensitive and personal information in a public area of a supermarket is unfair and unjust. Forcing customers to struggle back through a shop to the customer care desk in order to avoid being fined when they are wheelchair bound, struggle to walk or are in pain is a disgraceful way to treat a customer. Refusing to accept the validity of a blue badge becuase they are not on a supermarkets database is highly unfair and quite possibly illegal.

Reasons for signing

  • Fining people for spending money in ASDA supermarkets is horrific and when aimed at the disable is immoral


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