To: Julia Ross, Chief Officer of Bristol, Nth Somerset and South Glos CCG

Stop cuts to IVF in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Stop cuts to IVF in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Do not cutback or limit IVF and fertility services in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Why is this important?

The NHS Bristol is being crushed under budget cuts. Now fertility services in the Bristol area are under threat.

Current proposals are to limit treatment to to women aged between 30 & 35 years (previously anyone up to the age of 40 was eligible) where there are no existing children and only one cycle will be offered. The upper age limit for men to receive treatment will also be reduced to 52 years.
Half the couples who currently receive treatment in the Bristol area will no longer qualify and will be forced to pay for treatment privately or go without.

These proposed cuts to fertility funding are a shameless attack on desperate women and couples and will do little to nothing to relieve the budgetary pressures that the NHS is under.

Bristol; South Gloucestershire; North Somerset


Reasons for signing

  • I agree...
  • IVF has already been cut from 3 to 1 treatment. My son and partner had to pay for further treatment which is out of many couple's reach. Luckily they have been successful, which is giving them great joy.
  • I believe every couple in love should have the wonderful experience of conceiving their own God given baby with help from IVF.


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