To: Birmingham City Council

Stand Up for Stirchley - Save Fitness First and PSL Bowling

We would like the council planning committee to reject the planning application. Fitness First Stirchley is viable and offers a fitness facility to the local community, where there are already a number of Supermarkets within easy reach.

Why is this important?

On 22nd December 2016 Birmingham City Council’s Planning Committee approved Lidl’s application to build a new supermarket on the Pershore Road site currently occupied by Fitness First Stirchley and PSL Bowling.

Having previously rejected the application, the decision has left the whole community, including its local councillors (across several political parties), shocked and disappointed.

We feel that this site is the wrong location for the Lidl store for the following reasons:

Loss of PSL Bowling - a family run, independent business that supports local economy. Nearest alternative approximately 4 miles away

Loss of Fitness First Stirchley – a popular fitness gym with over 3800 members amidst reports of a growing obesity crisis costing Birmingham over £2 billion every year

Loss of jobs – 62+ people are set to lose their jobs across the 2 sites with Lidl only committing to 20 full time staff

Further traffic disruption – concerns over increased volume of traffic on an already highly congested route and impact on residents parking

Alternative Stirchley sites available – derelict site owned by Tesco and proposed new Aldi store on Magnet site

Already enough supermarkets – 19 supermarkets in a 3 mile radius

Stirchley, Birmingham

Reasons for signing

  • Stirchley doesn't need another supermarket, it needs businesses that encourage community, local trade and LIFE! Not a place to buy more food.
  • Obesity is on the rise and as a nurse I know how crucial it is to keep fit and active. Lidl is NOT needed fitness first and bowling IS
  • when we are inform to keep our body more trim and not more bigger. do we needed another supermarket


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On Saturday 11th February over 60 people attended a protest against Lidl on the Fitness First/PSL Bowling site.

For a full report and photos from the protest please click on the links below:

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See what everyone is saying on social media via:

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22nd December 2016 - Birmingham City Council Planning Committee make dramatic U-Turn and approve Lidl Planning Application for Pershore Road site

2016-12-31 14:56:44 +0000

8th December 2016 - Councillors voted six to five, rejecting Lidl Planning Application on Pershore Road site

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Don't forget to watch all Birmingham City Council Committee meetings here:

We're still waiting for the exact date when the Lidl application will be discussed. It will be either 31st March or 14th April 2016.

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As well as signing your name on this petition, you will also need to officially register your objection with Birmingham City Council on the following link:

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The Public Consultation ends 25th February according to the Birmingham City Council website.
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If you know people that would like to sign the petition but don't have access to the internet, they can call in to Fitness First where we have a manual petition form for them to sign.

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2015-11-20 21:12:28 +0000

The large ArvinMeritor site on Fordhouse Lane is still on the market.

On two occasions in the last 15 years, the supermarket giant ASDA has tried to purchase the land and on both occasions has been refused by the city’s Planners.

It is a great site with plenty of room for parking. It is possible to give it convenient and wide access to the Pershore Road via Mayfield Road.

If Lidl took over the site for a new store there would be extra benefits for Stirchley. Stirchley would get an attractive public space built near the entrance and the old chapel developed into a community building.

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