To: Minister for disabled people, health and work. Penny Mordaunt MP

Stop Motability taking our vehicles

Stop Motability taking our vehicles

STOP taking vehicles away from people with disabilities without any warning therefore leaving them stranded.

Why is this important?

More than 50,000 people have had specially adapted vehicles taken away from them since changes to disability benefits in 2013. Vehicles are being taken away from people with disabilities without any warning whatsoever

The Motability scheme entitles disabled people to lease specially adapted new vehicles and powered wheelchairs.

As a Motability vehicle user my self I am terrified that this will be taken away from me , then i would not be driven to my many medical appointments. In fact I would be devastated as I have a life limiting condition, am a wheelchair user and blind. if this was to happen, my life would change dramatically I would have no quality of life and I would be isolated from everything including my own family.
Peter Bone MP for Wellingborough Northamptonshire has spoken about this and is a campaigner.

DWP need to review this urgently as it affects so many people's lives.
The assessment needs to be looked at from a person to person illness to illness point of view rather than trying to just do a one size fits all.We do not all fit into the same box.

Every disabled person with a vehicle deserves to keep their vehicle to enable them to live there lives as normal as possible and have as much independence as possible.

Motability need to stop taking these adapted vehicles away as they are required by each and every disabled individual who needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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Reasons for signing

  • Tories, can easily steal cars from the sick and disabled through legalised theft, and `WHY` the ridiculous amount of low signatures on this petition??? what is wrong with you sick and disabled folks and Joe-public??? sitting-back and letting others sign this petition will not help your cause, get off your b/sides and sign, sign, sign, this petition should have been at around the 300,000 mark by now.....i have seen more signatures in a petition to save a `fly` for heavens sake!!
  • The way the Government targets the vulnerable makes me very, very angry
  • The assessment needs to be looked at from a person to person illness to illness point of view rather than trying to just do a one size fits all.We do not all fit into the same box.


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We would really really like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the astounding support we have received in less than a week! When we set out on this journey we had absolutely no idea that it would touch such a nerve so deeply, so quickly. We all know how important motability is for the sake of our indepence let alone for our lifelines to get to medical appointments and meetings and to even be able to stay connected to our own families, friends and relatives. Once more we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you as this has really touched our hearts and without all of your support everywhere from word of mouth, sharing across social media down to even posting your messages of support here on our page. Together we will get there, we will make this change happen, we will make this a reality. Thank you.

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Hi everyone we would like to say a very big thank you for signing this petition it has progressed overnight to the 300s which is absolutely amazing. The petition is going to get to government and we are going to make sure of it, so please keep signing and we cannot thank you all enough so keep up the good work thank you once again

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