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Stop Landlords Profiting from the £9Bn Housing Benefit Crisis

Stop Landlords Profiting from the £9Bn Housing Benefit Crisis

Did you know that over £9Bn has been paid to Private Landlords through the Housing Benefit system these last few years, greatly enriching a select few with tax-payers' money?

My petition is to compel the UK Government to put a stop to this funding arrangement and, instead, to channel any surpluses into creating more Social Housing which this country so desperately needs.

I emplore you to sign this petition and to share as far and wide on your social media please.

Source Material: David Orr, Chief Executive of The National Housing Federation.

Why is this important?

Like many of us, I watched the recent airing of a BBC programme "The Week the Landlords Moved In" and felt a combination of sadness (for the tenants) and anger that Private Landlords - not all of them unscrupulous - profit fantastically from the Housing Benefits system.

This is, after all, yours and my tax-payers' money that's being handed over, so let's make sure it's being put to better use and delivering value for money for all of us.

It cannot be right that our hard-earned taxes are enriching that select few through the housing benefit system. If there are any financial surpluses created through these payments, then surely they should be channelled back into creating more Social Housing for those that need it.

How it will be delivered

I'd love to deliver this petition directly to Downing Street to the Government of the day, whichever political colour they may hold.

Reasons for signing

  • Just imagine how much better off our schools and hospitals would be if they had £9 billion extra!! I'd rather see this money in our NHS than private landlords.
  • I signed because I don't want tax-payers' cash being used to swell the coffers of private landlords.


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