To: Sainsbury's & Tesco

Stop Sainsbury's and Tesco dropping the Fairtrade label!

Stop Sainsbury's and Tesco dropping the Fairtrade label!

Don't drop the Fairtrade label

Why is this important?

Sainsburys and Tesco have both just announced plans to drop the Fairtrade label. Farmers and producers the world over will be hugely adversely affected by this move. It will be a step backward for this global world we live in.

The supermarkets are planning to launch their own version of Fairtrade. However this will not be externally regulated by a third party and the strong likelihood is that this will be much less advantageous to the producers.

This decision is callous, and entirely financially motivated on the supermarkets part. They have given the producers virtually no notice. They have not told customers about this plan because no doubt they know people will be outraged.

We have the power to stop this by showing Sainsburys and Tesco that their customers will boycott them if they do this and it will have huge negative consequences for their brands.

How it will be delivered

By email to supermarkets

Reasons for signing

  • personally i think fairtrade is excellent. it helps farmers get fair wages and be able to afford the simple things in life. sainsburys and tescos shhouldnt stop selling fairtrade items because that money goes to helping people in need. people who dont have a lot of money and people who need just that tiny bit of support to help get through their day.
  • We need fairtrade in Tesco and Sainsbury's
  • This is so important!


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