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To: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Stop Scottish water contracts going to private companies

Stop Scottish water contracts going to private companies

Keep Scottish water contracts public so this absolutely vital service continues to be high quality, reliable, affordable and democratically accountable.

Why is this important?

Public provision of water services in Scotland should continue to be a point of pride and a point of principle. Water is a service that should continue to be delivered for the benefit of the people. Public water provision in Scotland has resulted in the lowest average water bills in the UK for both households and businesses. Let's keep it that way by maintaining the responsibility and the benefits of water provision in the hands of the public sector here in Scotland.


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Reasons for signing

  • Where are all the Scottish Water Protectors?! Get signing folks!
  • All utilities, water, electricity, gas and railways, and yes Oil, should be nationalised. Nowadays I would also include access to the internet as being a utility.


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