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Intelligent Office: Stop Enforcing Sexist Dress Codes

Intelligent Office: Stop Enforcing Sexist Dress Codes

To stop imposing sexist dress code policies on staff.

Why is this important?

This is important because it is an outdated and ignorant approach to modern day work life.

I left my role within a very large law firm as I was unable to continue working for a company who said that I cannot be taken seriously and would never have a successful career if I did not wear makeup or wear a specific nail colour.

This archaic approach made me feel very uncomfortable and disheartened that as a woman, my looks were considered far more important and influential than my abilities to fulfill a role.

Dress length, make-up, nail colours, heels are all things that don't define your ability to do a job, so they should not be made part of a company policy. I'd love Intelligent Office to take a stand on this and show the way for other companies on these sexist policies

Reasons for signing

  • this is like stepping back to the 1960's - and is frankly ridiculous - and has nothing to do with productivity
  • Because we should employ people for what they can do, not what they look like. Sometimes a dress code is desirable, but it must be non-sexist.
  • This attitude was around in the 1960's (I've had doors slammed in my face because of being a woman), and still around in 1990's (when your legs were more important than your brains) - it has had it's day and now the time has come for it to stop.


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