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To: Matthew Hancock MP, Minister Of The Department for Digital And Culture

Stop shops and websites from separating toys into 'boys' and 'girls'

Stop shops and websites from separating toys into 'boys' and 'girls'

Bring a bill before the House Of Commons which stops childrens toys being explicitly separated into boys and girls sections or categories in shops and on websites.

Why is this important?

We live in a society in which our children are being told what roles they should take up as adults in a multitude of subtle ways. The characteristics that are seen to be appropriate for boys and for girls are highlighted by dolls and frills in the 'girl's toys' while engineering, cars and dinosaurs are for boys. This kind of explicit segregation is outdated, unnecessary and damaging. If it were any other two labels (e.g. black and white) the inherent prejudice would be immediately apparent and would not be allowed by the law of modern society.

I want my daughter and nieces to have the freedom to access whichever toys they are naturally interested in without having to hear them say 'that's not for me, that's only for boys.'

Reasons for signing

  • good petition
  • Pink versus blue segregation (from infancy through to teens) is extremely damaging to children of any gender, stifling expression and imposing dysfunction, with an ensuing negative impact on people's freedom to flourish as adults in a society that reinforces these distorted values of what it means to be human.
  • I believe they should not be seperated


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