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To: City of Westminster Council

Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament

Just a few days after we handed in our huge petition to Westminster Council, the planning application to move the statue was withdrawn!

Sir Niel Thorne, the former MP behind the bid to move the staue of Emmiline Pankhurst from its historic home said:
“we realised considerable pressure was being put on Westminster City Council, who’d find it more difficult to approve moving the statue.”

Thanks to our pressure, Emmeline Pankhurst will remain by Paliament - thank you!

Leave the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in it’s current place in Tower Gardens next to the House of Lords. Do not move the statue to Regents College which is private and inaccessible to the public.

Why is this important?

This statue was funded by suffragettes and has stood in place since 1930. It would be disrespectful to move the statue from the public eye on the centenary of women's suffrage.

We've made so much progress in the realm of women's rights but moving a feminist hero like Pankhurst away from the heart of UK politics would be a step backwards

How it will be delivered

We will hand the petition to the City of Westminster Council planning committee in person, dressed as suffragettes!

You can also add your objection to the planning application by clicking this link:


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