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To: Leeds City Council & The Government

Stop the closure of BHA Leeds Skyline

Thank you for signing the petition Stop the closure of BHA Leeds Skyline. Nearly 1,200 of you made a difference. Leeds City Council cited they revised their decision based on 'the well-organised and effective campaign they [BHA Leeds Skyline] mounted'.

To continue funding BHALeedsSkyline so it can continue it's invaluable work with the HIV community

Why is this important?

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) and Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities who are also HIV+ are highly vulnerable communities suffering from multiple forms of stigma and oppression. Skyline offers a safe environment where these essentially invisible individuals can be supported holistically through a whole range of physio-psycho-social issues. Without this service they will be further isolated having to negotiate the trauma that is an HIV diagnosis, alone.

How it will be delivered

I'll be sending this to my MP, my Leeds City Councillor and Public Health.


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Reasons for signing

  • If such services are scrapped, then we can't call this a civilised country. Such cuts are destroying the fabric of our communities and people's lives. To this government neither of these seem to matter.
  • I have signed to this campaign because its despicable the fact that they want to sop funding. We need services like this in leeds to protect those against Diseases which can cause death and spread if not treated properly.
  • This service is important to everyone, regardless to whether you have HIV or not


2016-02-11 09:32:21 +0000

Petition is successful with 1,199 signatures

2016-02-10 16:10:14 +0000

WE WON!!!!!!! Leeds City Council will continue to fund the service. They cited a 'well organised and effective campaign'. Congratulations to all of the staff, service users and supporters of BHA Leeds Skyline.

2015-11-12 09:01:16 +0000

Here's the piece BBC Look North did on Skyline. Go to 10min 10 seconds-ish:

2015-11-11 08:09:14 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2015-11-10 17:29:42 +0000

TV postponed till tomorrow, 11th November.

2015-11-10 07:18:10 +0000

I'm briefly on BBC Look North this evening.

2015-11-09 17:58:26 +0000

Here's my LIVE Radio interview. Go to 01:38:00. .

2015-11-08 17:46:06 +0000

I'm appearing on BBC Radio Leeds breakfast show on monday 9th November

2015-11-07 09:23:24 +0000

I've agreed to appear on BBC Look North.

2015-11-02 16:23:05 +0000

My MP Greg Mulholland wants to be part of the campaign and raise it in The House of Commons!!

2015-10-29 18:46:25 +0000

I've been invited to talk about this petition on BBC Radio. I hope it helps to get us to 1,000 signatures!!!!!!

2015-10-29 16:36:26 +0000

My MP Greg Mulholland has made enquiries about the potential closure of Skyline. Tom Riordan. Chief Executive. Leeds City Council edited response follows.

The Government’s national consultation on how it would implement its funding cuts to local authorities has closed, but we do not yet know the outcome. We are, preparing for what we believe will be the likeliest outcome of a 6.5% reduction in year - £2.8m.

I confirm that, sufficient funds permitting, we would wish to continue to commission an HIV/AIDS support service and will work very hard to make this a reality. The Council cannot give a firm commitment at this time but I can say how much we value the Skyline service.

2015-10-28 22:54:52 +0000

This evening I email my MP, Greg Mulholland and my Councillors Jonathan Bentley & Judith Chapman (The current Leeds Lord Mayor), to inform them that i've started a petition to save BHASkyline. Looking forward to hearing their thoughts. I hope they might be able to support us in some way?

2015-10-28 17:01:54 +0000

500 signatures reached

2015-10-20 19:19:28 +0100

100 signatures reached

2015-10-17 13:31:10 +0100

50 signatures reached

2015-10-15 20:52:54 +0100

25 signatures reached

2015-10-15 09:59:35 +0100

10 signatures reached