To: The Conservative Party

Stop the Conservative party trying to interfere with lawful licensing decisions

Stop the Conservative party trying to interfere with lawful licensing decisions

The Conservative party have been commenting and petitioning the public in relation to a licensing authorities decisions to refuse granting a license to Uber a company that does not respect Workers rights, pays its tax via a second company off shore and most importantly has safety issues.

The fact the companies CEO has had to apologise for their behaviour as a company as well as a director admitting publicly they failed advise the authorities in relation to sexual assaults as well as other events is wrong.

It is not the job of a prime minister or their party to interfere with a legally made decision especially when it is of a licensing nature.

The Conservative party must desist immediately and remove any petition.

Why is this important?

It is wrong for a political party to question the decisions of licensing officers.

This is akin to rejection of the law to suit political ends rather than protection of the public or workers.

This is important also because it shows an unashamed attempt to garner support from a voting section of the public.

Moreover it does not represent the Local authorities inhabitants alone and cannot be proven.

A political party should not be lobbying to obfuscate the work of those carrying out licensing.

Reasons for signing

  • Shocking display from a political party protecting personal investment
  • To stop the Uber crime wave including hundreds of rapes.
  • Uberuses a populist pitch to drive a coach and horses through Govt. legislation believing it will ultimately become too big to be held to account.


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