To: Paul Carter Leader of Kent County Council

Stop the cuts to 42 and 42A bus service Minster, Cliffsend

Stop the cuts to 42 and 42A bus service Minster, Cliffsend

Kent County Council, please reconsider the scheme to reduce the subsidies given to this vital bus service! This service is needed.

Why is this important?

The 42 and 42a bus is an important link for residents in Minster and Cliffsend. It links communities where some don't have access to private transport and connects to local schools, doctors' surgeries, shopping areas and village communities. It reduces car use, reduces airborne pollution, saves on parking charges and keeps communities together.

Minster-in-Thanet ( Cliffsend )

Reasons for signing

  • I would not be able to get to school if this bus service is stopped. The older people rely on this service as well.
  • So far, the emphasis has been on the older folk who use the service. What about the numerous schoolchildren (my son included) who depend on it to get to school, and home again? There’s no other way for my son to travel to and from Ramsgate, so what would he do?
  • Monkton needs this service!!!


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