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To: Paul Carter Leader of Kent County Council

Stop the cuts to 42 and 42A bus service Minster, Cliffsend

Stop the cuts to 42 and 42A bus service Minster, Cliffsend

Kent County Council, please reconsider the scheme to reduce the subsidies given to this vital bus service! This service is needed.

Why is this important?

The 42 and 42a bus is an important link for residents in Minster and Cliffsend. It links communities where some don't have access to private transport and connects to local schools, doctors' surgeries, shopping areas and village communities. It reduces car use, reduces airborne pollution, saves on parking charges and keeps communities together.

Minster-in-Thanet ( Cliffsend )

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Reasons for signing

  • The bus service in Minster is already poor. No evening buses, no buses after 2pm on a Saturday and no service at all on Sundays. Trains too expensive and station too far for lots of people. Apart from the 42 service we only have the number 11 which is also limited. They want to build more houses but are still trying to stop our buses. Ramsgate and surrounding areas have loop buses only a few minutes apart plus other buses why stop the few buses that villages have.
  • This is a very important bus link for residents of Cliffsend. It is ridiculous that so many bus services are being hit so hard in this country when we are also being told to use more public transport. This bus route, however, is not just a luxury for some. It is a necessity and a part of life. Without it, two villages within walking distance but not easily walked, will be effectively cut off from each other for some of the residents.
  • It is an important link between the villages and towns


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