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To: NUH Chief Executive, NUH Senior Management, all Nottinghamshire MPs and Councillors

Stop the cuts to Nottingham University Hospitals! Patients & staff are suffering! Fund our NHS!

Stop the cuts to Nottingham University Hospitals! Patients & staff are suffering! Fund our NHS!

We demand that the Chief Executive of NUH, Tracy Taylor, and members of the Trust Board and Senior Management refuse to implement any further cuts and to tell NHS England that no more cuts can be made and that it must provide more funding.

We also call on all Nottingham & Notts MPs and councillors to support a stance of no more cuts & call on government to provide funding needed

Why is this important?

Our local Nottingham hospitals, the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) and the Nottingham City Hospital (NCH), are struggling to provide patients with adequate care at acceptable standards. Waiting times at A&E are rising, there is a shortage of beds and many patients are either bed ‘blocking’ due to lack of suitable accommodation to move on to, or being discharged prematurely. The same is true of most hospitals throughout England.At the same time NUH Senior Management are demanding hard-pressed and overworked staff members make more cost-saving cuts in the care they provide. This is probably impossible without a drastic deterioration in the standard of patient care.

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Reasons for signing

  • Our local Nottingham hospitals have been struggling for months now and are having to keep declaring Black Alert because they are being overwhelmed with poorly people needing beds but the hospitals are always full. The STP proposals for Nottingham developed by managers included cutting 200 beds. We won't let you carry out your slash, trash and privatising of OUR NHS! Keep Our NHS Public and stop underfunding it!


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