To: Amber Rudd, Home Secretary

Stop the deportation of whistleblower Kweku Adoboli

Great news - The court has agreed to stop the case, and it’s now in the Home Office’s hands again, while they investigate claims that they have mis-handled the case.

This means that Kweku is safe in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the petition, it had a real effect.

Here’s more on the story:

Stop the deportation of whistleblower Kweku Adoboli

Intervene before Kweku's hearing on the 7th of December to prevent him being deported to Ghana.

Why is this important?

Kweku Adoboli moved to the UK 25 years ago, at the age of 12, and has lived here ever since. The Home Office is now trying to deport him to Ghana, away from the country he calls home and his closest friends.

Until 2011, Kweku worked for Swiss investment bank UBS. Reckless risk-taking, at the encouragement of the bank’s bosses, led to one of the biggest trading losses in British financial history, and Kweku was thrown under the bus and was made to serve half of a 7 year sentence in prison. While Kweku accepted some responsibility for the losses, he was cleared of the majority of charges against him as it was clear his actions had nothing to do with trying to achieve personal financial gain.

Since his release, Kweku has sought to use his experience and his example to clean up the finance industry, exposing the systemic failures and extreme pressures that resulted in his actions. The Financial Times have offered Kweku an internship in order that he can continue to raise awareness of these issues, and every one of us stands to benefit from him being permitted to remain in the country he calls home. Kweku is uniquely capable and placed to shine a light on this corruption, and deporting him will not only tear him from his home, but leave the lessons of an under-regulated finance industry unlearned, and the potential for future occurrences unlimited

Kweku now faces deportation away from the friends he calls family and the country he calls home. He has already served his full prison term and should not be punished further.

Reasons for signing

  • Was head boy at my school! Great guy
  • Because telling the truth should hold no negative repercussions
  • Served time for the bosses and now they want him out...hope the petition works and ultimately it gets thrown out from the courts so he can continue his much needed work in the industry.


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