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To: Sajid Javid, Home Secretary

Stop the deportation of whistleblower Kweku Adoboli

Intervene and use their discretionary powers to prevent the deportation of Kweku Adoboli.

Why is this important?

Kweku Adoboli moved to the UK 26 years ago, at the age of 12, and has lived here ever since. The Home Office is aggressively trying to deport him to Ghana, away from the country he calls home and his closest friends.

Kweku is now facing imminent removal from the UK after his submission of a Judicial Review of the Home Office’s treatment of his case was expedited at their request. Permission to apply for the Judicial Review was denied this week. Kweku urgently needs your help.

In 2011, Kweku accepted responsibility for a large trading loss at Swiss Investment Bank UBS. Whilst he was cleared of the majority of charges against him, it was clear his actions had nothing to do with trying to achieve personal financial gain. He served his sentence as a model prisoner and for the last three years has been doing outstanding work of benefit both to industry and community.

Convicted of a finance offence, posing no threat to his society, Kweku faces the draconian double punishment of being deported from the UK. The consequences of his removal to Ghana are severe and will include a potential lifetime ban on travelling not just back to the UK, but to Europe, North America and many other countries.

Given the frequency of organisational scandals in recent years, Kweku's story offers a powerful and relevant living case study. Through his work, Kweku is challenging senior leaders and organisations to go beyond stereotypes of 'bad apples' to consider how context and environment shape decision making. Kweku is in a unique position to do this but is being prevented from doing so by the Home Office.

Genuinely thoughtful, honest and open conversations about difficult issues are crucial to public life. Unfortunately, very few people are willing or able to do this. It is important not to deport Kweku not just for the fact that he is more British than foreign, but because his work is of value to the public interest.



2018-08-20 10:07:44 +0100

An order has been made last week, at the request of the Home Office, to detain and deport Kweku from the UK. These extraordinary and aggressive steps have purposefully sped up the deportation process in order to deny Kweku the right to any further fair process.

Kweku is required to report to UK immigration today and the fear is that they will take this opportunity to detain him and to pursue his deportation. We urgently need people to tweet support of Kweku remaining in the UK, using the hashtag #KeepKweku, tagging the Home Secretary @SajidJavid.

Remember, he has the power to intervene to prevent Kweku's deportation, and allow him to continue his invaluable work.

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